Create your next home in the Garden of England

We develop locations so that you can create a new home and we invite you to create your next home at Orchard Farm in Kennington in Ashford in Kent. 

We provide the means for you to create a self-built home. A home where you can choose the look, the internal layout and fixtures and fittings for the way you want to live, by yourself or with the help of professionals.

Self-build in Kent

Orchard Farm is a development site located in Kennington, on the northern edge of Ashford. We invite every home seeker to create their next home here. We provide the means for them to build a self-built home. A home where they can choose the look, the internal layout and fixtures and fittings for the way they want to live, by themself or with the help of professionals.

Planning permission for the first twenty five plots has been granted and we expect to be offering these plots for sale by the end of this year (2022). It is planned that up to one hundred unique homes will eventually be located here.

Serviced plots for self-builders

Our plan for Orchard Farm is to create a sustainable self-build community where you will have input into the design and build of your home.

There will be a range of serviced self-build plots for various house sizes and where outline planning permission to build a home has already been agreed and where the infrastructure, like roads, drains, and electricity is already in place. You can choose whether you design and build with a professional team or by yourself.


Spring 2022
Start design and planning
Summer 2022
Updates on website and newsletter
Winter 2022
Update about sales process
Spring 2023
Start of sales

Investigate self-build

Self-build gives you an incredible opportunity to decide how you create your next home, with your design and your builder. You will have the chance to investigate your possibilities with us and we will guide you through the first steps of how you can self-build at Orchard Farm.

Design your home

You decide what your new home will look like, from the outside to the internal layout. You also decide on how you will build your home, whether by yourself or with other professionals. This is an exciting and serious part of your self-build process. The result will be a home that’s completely unique for you.

Create a community

At Orchard Farm Kennington, you will create a unique home and be part of a special community. You will live amongst people who have invested in the creation of their home and who will be proud of what they have achieved. Like-minded people who want to engage with the wider community.

Interested in being part of our self-build community at Orchard Farm?

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