Create your next home in the Garden of England

At Orchard Farm in Kennington we’ll be developing 25 self-build plots in 2023. The whole site can house just over a 100 dwellings. We are working on our proposals for this unique self-build development which will bring real choice to the housing market by enabling you to build your own home. Together with our self-builders, we’ll create an exciting, sustainable community unlike any other found in Kent.

This presentation was made to Kennington Community Council and our neighbours on 25 April. We welcome your comments on our plans, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Orchard Farm

Orchard Farm covers 5.7 hectares (about 14 football pitches) behind Stubbs Restaurant, on the Canterbury Road. The site is allocated for housing in the Ashford Borough Council Local Plan​.​ Orchard Farm is adjacent to a site being developed by Redrow, a traditional developer, and we aim to create a very different offer on our site without turning our backs on this large development or to the existing community in Kennington.

We intend to turn this site into self-build plots of various sizes and character. Our role, as a developer, is to reduce the risk and uncertainty that seems to make most people believe a self-build home is not achievable for them. We will do this by taking responsibility for the planning process as much as possible, while keeping the design of the house the responsibility of the homeowner.

Why self-build? And how?

This site is not only about responding to a demand for self-build plots, but we also believe that self-builders make sustainable choices and build homes that look better and last longer. ​We are keen to create sustainable communities, and to achieve this we provide homes for a wide variety of people, mixing high and low incomes, family and single households and young and older people. In Steenvlinder's experience in The Netherlands, self-builders are engaged homeowners and active residents. They energize their communities and enrich their neighbourhoods and towns. We want to create meaningful social, environmental, and economic benefits as well as meeting the housing needs of the people of Ashford and surrounding areas. ​

We will design the public spaces and set the parameters for the design of the individual homes. We will then sell a plot, with a plot-passport which gives the homeowner clear guidance on what they may build on their plot. We will continue to stay connected to our self-builders, guiding them through the hard times and the good times, until they move into their self-built home. ​

Memories of the Orchard Farm





  • Situated off the A28 Canterbury Road
  • Behind Stubbs restaurant
  • Close to the North Downs Way National Trail
  • Surrounded by residential development of mainly semi-detached and detached housing
  • Next to agricultural fields some of which will be developed by others
  • There are mature hedgerows along the south and east boundaries


  • Magical and hidden gem
  • Trees and vegetation
  • Level changes
  • Natural edges and boundaries

Site edges

  • There is a wide variety of vegetation which we aim to nurture and expand especially along the boundary hedgerows​

East Kent

  • We will reflect the unique architectural forms, landscape and materials found in the local area
  • Trees and vegetation
  • Level changes
  • Natural edges and boundaries

Natural characteristics

The red line shows the boundary of the 5.7 hectare site. ​The two fields to the left will be the future Conningbrook Park (750 new homes).​ ​Inspired by the landscape we aim to integrate existing terrain contours​, edges​, pond​, vegetation​ and trees.

The Garden of England

Introduce community Orchard Green
Propose natural boundaries and edges
Redefine the natural environment

Green ideas

Landscape driven

  • Extend Orchard Farm Lane
  • Introduce a Central Orchard Green
  • Plant new Trees
  • Create meadows on the south and east boundaries and small green areas - pocket spaces​
  • Plant green hedgerows and trees on individual plots

We propose

  • Seven farmyards
  • Clusters of housing around yards ​
  • Each yard will have its own unique character

Communal farmyards

We would like to integrate unique East Kent landscape and architectural characteristics.
Establish seven distinctive communal farmyards
Introduce communal shared spaces and facilities
Empower the seven local yards communities

Self build homes for all

  • There will be a wide range of plot sizes, house types and tenures including
  • Affordable rent, shared ownership and private housing for sale
  • Terraced, semi detached and detached homes. Ranging from 80-350 sq metres
  • Inspired by the landscape, buildings and materials in this part of East Kent

Active Living

Integrate walking and cycling tracks​
Offer high quality cycling facilities ​
Positively discourage car dependence and use​

Our layout will include;​

• Open connected network formed by shared spaces

• The opportunity to be socially and physically active


  • Summer 2022

    Submission of planning application ​

  • Spring 2023

    First sale of plots

  • Summer 2023

    First construction of homes

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